Simplify Angular 5 Admin Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template has two variant one comes with Angular 5 and Bootstrap, while the other comes with HTML 5, Bootstrap, and JQuery. As the name says, it is a simple Angular dashboard admin template. It is not complicated, it offers you the right tools to quickly build your project be it Angular based or otherwise.

Looking at the dashboard, you will notice it is ideal for project management, an analytics dashboard, and CMS for SASS projects. It is a responsive admin template, with more than 400 Icons and a Gulp automated workflow process. Developers and designers who love minimalistic designs will find this Angular 5 admin dashboard template appealing. The template is clean, modern and easy on the eye, its responsiveness also means it is mobile friendly.

Features of the Simplify Angular 5 Admin Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template:

  • It has a chat and email page
  • Admin and user profile
  • Project widgets and cards
  • Authentication for users to login and sign out.
  • It has collapsible menu
  • Color variation to suit your brand
  • Various charts libraries, types, and directives
  • Creative Button styles, Icons, and Graphs.
  • Responsive Template works well on tablets and mobile device.
  • Comes two variant, one with Angular 5 and the other without it.
  • Lifetime update.

Demo View >>>>> Simplify Angular 5 Admin Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template

Features of the Admin Dashboard Template Variants

The simplify Angular admin dashboard template has two variant, one for developers creating an Angular based project and the other using HTML 5 and JQuery to build a UI or integrate into other Javascript Framework.


Angular 5 with Bootstrap

  • SASS Source code
  • Ready to use Router Setup
  • Helpers and Directives to use third-party libraries
  • Full Manual


  • HTML pages to kickstart your development
  • SASS Source code
  • Compiled CSS and Minified CSS Files (.css and .min.css)
  • Javascript (.js) source code and minified files (.min.js)
  • Full development environment Setup files: gulpfile.js, package.json,
  • Full Manual
  1. Layout: Responsive
  2. Compatible with: Bootstrap 4+ and Angular 2+
  3. Included: HTML 5, CSS, Javascript
  4. Browser compatibility: Works with most modern browser.

Developing an application for a project can be faster with the use of this admin dashboard template, it saves you development time and cost. It also helps backend programmers connect sync their projects with a UI.

  • Dashboard that displays essential information and summary
  • Chat page for communication
  • Authentication for login, that has some different background styles.
  • Integrated calendar
  • Admin and use profile


  • Buttons
  • Alerts
  • Progress
  • Modal
  • Dropdown
  • Sliders
  • Collapsible Menu
  • Tabs
  • Accordions
  • Date Picker
  • Typeahead Autocomplete
  • Tooltips
  • Calendar
  • Custom Checkbox and Radio


  • Dashboard
  • Chat
  • Project Dashboard
  • User Profile
  • Email
  • Invoice
  • Pricing
  • Website Landing
  • Log in and Sign up
  • Lock Screen


  • Chartjs
  • Chartist
  • Plotly.js
  • C3


  • Font Awesome
  • Material Design Icons
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Licence: Regular

Premium: == $24 ==  Sales Promo before 50th sale == $20 ==


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